GoPiGo Raspberry Pi Robot Kit

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M335990 DT-BN-GP03-1
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Discover how far you can go with GoPiGo. It’s a Raspberry Pi robot that helps you explore new frontiers in computer science and connect coding to real-world problem-solving.

Everything you need to start your journey into robotics. GoPiGo is the best way to explore the vast world of Raspberry Pi robotics.

Push further with the power of Raspberry Pi
GoPiGo helps you build a powerful little robot with the Raspberry Pi computer. It’s perfect for exploring robotics, coding, and the frontiers of computer science.

  • Build and program your own robot
  • Great for all skill levels
  • Powered by a real (little) computer

Multiple ways to code
GoPiGo supports multiple programming languages. Build a bridge from coding basics in Bloxter to cutting edge computer science skills with Python and Jupyter notebooks. It is designed to help you reach the next level, then go even further.

Customize and connect to projects of all types
With GoPiGo you can connect learning to code with real-world problem-solving. Then use the add-on sensors and actuators to customize GoPiGo to easily meet your needs. From Mars rovers to self-driving cars there is a project or lesson for you to explore.

Simple start, no installation required
It’s easy to get started with GoPiGo, just connect to its wifi hotspot. Then use the built-in-tutorials inside DexterOS to start learning, driving, coding, and exploring.

The power to go further
GoPiGo has the power of Raspberry Pi, interactive Python, and a suite of pre-installed libraries to help you and your students explore cutting edge computer science activities.

From grade school to advanced Google tool
GoPiGo is great for helping you explore robotics, but it’s also perfect for seasoned professionals! Advanced users can connect to Google’s Cloud Vision API and other web-data – helping you explore new frontiers in computer science.

Connect and customize
GoPiGo has 5 connection ports* for attaching sensors or actuators, making it easy to invent the robots of your dreams. No soldering required.

*2x Digital/Analog, 2x I2C, 1x Serial. Plus, 2x servo motor ports.

Ages: 13+


GoPiGo robot chassis
GoPiGo electronic board
Raspberry Pi computer (3B+)
DexterOS microSD card
Rechargeable Battery
Distance Sensor
Servo Package
Camera / Distance Sensor Mount

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