Full Spectrum Muse Hobby Laser DISCONTINUED

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M416160 MUSE

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This product has been discontinued. Midwest can source a wide range of items not listed on our web site or in our catalog. Please call customer service for details at (800) 831-5904.

Cut. Mark. Engrave.
Muse is a compact laser cutter that cuts, marks and engraves a variety of different materials including: wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, cardboard, and paper. Muse is the laser cutter micro-manufacturers and creative makers have been waiting for, and you can have it today. From creating original art to replicating pieces for rapid construction. Muse offers the best innovative technology on the market. Mark materials using quick pulses of the laser to create sharp images from pictures or original art. Muse takes engraving to a whole new level, creating pieces of amazing craftsmanship.

Precision Cut Technology (PCT)
Software advances create efficiency and exactness with Muse's exclusive Precision Cut Technology, which tells the laser to turn off momentarily while the laser quickly repositions during turns and sharp angles. This eliminates areas of the cut being overexposed to the laser, leaving cleaner cuts.

Expandable Work Space
Muse has a normal working area of 20" x 12" but also boasts an exclusive removable bottom panel to work on larger material pieces. By removing the floor panel, crafters can engrave on doors, tables, and other oversized objects.

Camera Bit-Mapping
Muse has many camera features, such as placement preview and trace-and-cut. Muse also has a patented camera feature that eliminates distortion and creates more accuracy in the cutting process. Using a 2-megapixel camera, Muse creates a highly accurate bit-map by dividing the workspace into 9 image blocks. The software then combines these images, accounting for distortion of the edges, creating a highly detailed and perfectly aligned finished product.

Muse Hardware
Muse features a curved metal casing accented by a dark, shaded-glass lid. Muse's fully metal body is far more durable than plastic and has a separated compartment that houses all of its electronics outside of the cutting area. This keeps smoke and debris away from crucial components extending their life without excessive maintenance. Other design elements, such as the touch screen and LCD lighting, give Muse impressive exterior visual design quality.

Muse Software
Muse is accompanied by the Full Spectrum's exclusive, custom built user software, RetinaEngrave 2.0. This software is designed to have a user-friendly interface and be easy to use for everyone. The software is browser-based, requiring only a computing device with a search engine browser. Muse gives its user an IP address that can be accessed with just a local connection via Ethernet, router or Wi-Fi. This means there is nothing to download and updates are automatic when you access the program. This also makes the software accessible with any operation system including OS (Mac), Windows (PC), and Linux. Unlike some other machines, Muse never stores your files on the cloud, ensuring project design security. Muse software works without an Internet connection, ensuring work is never stalled by spotty access to the Web. RetinaEngrave 2.0 is completely and forever free to Muse users. RetinaEngrave 2.0 can accept .SVG, .PDF, .PNG, .JPG, and .BMP file types. Additionally, by enabling the Print Drive Plugin, users can use any software to direct print into the software. This allows users to create files in any design program.

  • Includes 40W C02 laser tube, 45W sold separately
  • True 20" x 12" cutting area
  • Durable, metal case
  • Cut up to .25" non-metal material
  • User friendly, browser based, RetinaEngrave 2.0 software
  • Use File/Print feature on any design software
  • Integrated high def wide angle camera
  • LCD touchscreen capabilities
  • Riser / Rotary compatible, sold separately
  • Variable specialty focus lenses, sold separately
  • Mfr.'s 30-day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee (minus shipping/handling)

Engraving Area: 20" x 12"
Machine Dimensions: 32.36" x 21.97" x 8.67"
Weight: 55 lbs. approx.
Laser Type: Glass CO2
Laser Power: 40W/45W
Max. Focusable Thickness: 2"
Max. Thickness: Unlimited (removable bottom panel)
Power: DC 20,000V at up to 20mA
Driving System: Retina Engrave v2 compatible with Mac OS and PC
Cooling Mode: Submersible aquatic pump
Desired Operating Temp: <85°

Includes 40W laser tube, honeycomb table, exhaust fan, compressor, water pump and 4" exhaust port (fume extractor sold separately).

Fan or fume extractor required, sold separately.

Air compressor required, sold separately.