Fischertechnik Robotics BT: Beginner

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M406175 540587

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The fischertechnik Education Robotics: BT Beginner has over 380 pieces and the aid of sensors (phototransistors, push buttons) and actuators (XS motors, LED light barriers). Students can construct 12 easy-to understand models such as hand dryer, carousel, level crossing, conveyor belt with stamping machine and mobile caterpillar machine.

The BT Smart Controller with 4 inputs for sensors and 2 outputs for motors and lamps features a USB port and a Bluetooth 4.0 port. The ROBO Pro Light software (available for download) makes it possible to program the models quickly, easily and in a way that is easy to follow. In addition, it is also possible to program the models using a tablet (initially Android) via an app.

Comprehensive instructions are provided on the fischertechnik eLearning portal ( to support the student's learning process and to explain the programming in an easy-to-follow way. The new BT Smart Controller will also work with Scratch. For the engineers and programmers of tomorrow.

fischertechnik Education Level Three: STEM Robotics

Includes 380 Parts for building 12 fun and functional models:

Instructional activity download at fischertechnik eLearning Portal
BT Smart Controller (USB port/Bluetooth 4.0 port)
ROBO Pro Light control software (System: Windows 7*, 8, 10/tablet: initially Android)
2 XS motors
2 LED light barriers
2 photo transistors
2 push button switches
Battery holder for 9V block

Requires 9V battery, sold separately.

Please Note * Selected Bluetooth 4.0 sticks are required for Windows 7.