Dexter GoPiGo3 Robot Base Kit

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M336002 DT-KT-GPG3BASE-1

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This product has been discontinued. However, we may be able to find a suitable replacement. Please call customer service for details at (800) 831-5904.

The GoPiGo is a complete kit to build your own robot car. GoPiGo works at the level you're at — whether you are a parent looking for a smart, fun weekend project to do with your kid, a teacher looking for a way to increase engagement in your science course, or a grad student in need of a platform for your robotics research that requires mobility.

The GoPiGo3 Base Kit is perfect if you already have a Raspberry Pi and want to get it moving. It includes the GoPiGo3 board, chassis, wheels, motors, encoders, and power battery pack.

What can I do with it?

DexterOS, the software that comes with the GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit, has dozens of free, built-in lessons to teach you to program the GoPiGo in Bloxter (our drag-and-drop language just like Scratch). There’s no software to download or install on your device.

What's not included? Suggested components required to make it a mobile robot (NOT INCLUDED):

  • Raspberry Pi (GoPiGo is compatible with all version of the Raspberry Pi): This board is the main brains of the robot that will connect to the GoPiGo board.
  • mini Wi-Fi Dongle: Can be plugged in to the Raspberry Pi so you can unplug the ethernet cord and make it function as a remote control, mobile car.
  • microSD Card: Required "hard drive" for the Raspberry Pi 
  • Ethernet Cable: Required for plugging in to your computer to program the GoPiGo. 
  • USB Drive: 8GB drive recommended for users of DexterOS for easy software updates and storing photos and files.
  • Power Supply: Wall plug to power your Raspberry Pi while you are programming it, rather than using the batteries.

What else do I need to know?

Works with all versions of the Raspberry Pi
Software examples and API are provided by Dexter Industries (open-source repository on Github)
Lego Technic bricks: GoPiGo is compatible with Lego Technic parts, but we don’t sell them.

Ages: 9+
Tech: Raspberry Pi
Languages: Bloxter, Python

Includes GoPiGo3 board (red board), chassis (frame, wheels, hardware), motors, encoders, screwdriver, power battery pack and cable.

Requires 8 AA batteries, sold separately.