CarveWright CX CNC Dragster Lab Package

SKU: M288065 CW-CO24-LAB
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M288065 CW-CO24-LAB

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What will you make?
Models and Props
Sign Carving & Cutting
Craft Projects and Boxes
Prototyping & Manufacturing
Detailed 3D Carvings
Woodworking Wonders

CarveWright’s feed through system, automatically moves the material through the machine, so even with it’s small footprint, you can produce very large projects. Projects up to 12'L and 14-1/2"W. Not big enough? No problem. With the Tiling Technique, you can splice multiple pieces together to create any size project.

CarveWright’s servo-motor feedback allows it to maintain accurate positioning and report problems instead of crashing. It guides you through the set-up of every project. The machine measures your work piece, tells you what bit to put in, and locates all of its index points automatically. There is no programming, the system does it for you.

CarveWright can carve significantly faster and more aggressively than any other comparable CNC system. All our functions can be done in a single pass at full depth and not lose position. Even when carving over 2" deep! You never have to program a single speed and feed rate either. It’s already pre-programmed for you.

With the simple to use drag-and-drop software, and the automated setup of the CarveWright machine, you can easily create spectacular projects in no time. Have more fun with less learning time. Add-on apps enhance your capabilities and the Pattern Depot has over 7,000 patterns and projects to download and create.

Upload your project to the memory card. This card and the programmer come standard in the system and allow your computer to be kept away from the sawdust. CarveWright operates on most any Windows or Mac system. There is no need for a dedicated or extra-powerful computer.

Load your project material into the machine. You have a variety of usable materials. Any kind of soft to hard wood, including plywood and MDF, heat resistant plastics, and even foams are acceptable mediums. Select the project from the on-board menu and the machine walks you through the quick setup procedure. Then, as the CarveWright works its magic, you can sit back in wonder and sip your coffee.

Now for the icing on the cake. The machine has made your project, and now it’s your turn to assemble, paint, or stain to make it look great. The only step left is to show it off and enjoy the reactions of others.

Cutting Techniques: Raster Carving, Vector Cutting
Build Volume: 14.5"W x 5.5"D x 12'L
Max Encoder Resolution: 0.00003"

Spindle: Variable 20,000 RPM max
Carving Speed: 6 ips
Jogging Speed: 9.3 ips

Software Bundle CarveWright Designer™, 50 Included 3D Carving Patterns

File Types
Imports image formats PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP
Apps available to input STL, DXF, OBJ
Operating Systems: Windows (10 +), Mac OS X (10.6+)
Connectivity: CarveWright memory card, USB Programmer

ServoSmart™ Advanced Motion Control
Five feedback loops for real-time sensing
Fully automated project and bit zeroing setup
Looped intelligence to warn of potential issues
Anticipates problems to prevents damage
Pre-calculates backlash and compensates
Senses slips and auto-corrects

Chassis: Cast aluminum head and trucks
Body: Painted steel and ABS plastic
Feed Through Belts: Heavy duty rubberized PVC
Linear Bearings: Double row precision roller bearings

CarveTight™ Chuck
Integrated single piece hardened steel
High speed phenolic cage bearings
Single clamping paw

Servo Motors: Mabuchi motors, 1296 encoder counts per revolution

Spindle Motor
1 HP AC Motor

Storage Temperature 32°–105° F
Operating Temperature 50°–105° F
AC Input 100V, 50–60 Hz

Overall Size: 19.1" x 12.8" x 14.7"
Weight: 83 lbs.

1 CNC + 5 Seat License
This accessory and software bundle is configured with everything needed for classrooms needing a CNC to produce CO2 Dragsters for competition.

Includes CarveWright, Mfr.'s 1-yr. warranty, dust hood, bit set, 5 seat software licenses each: Designer 4 Software, Vcarve Suite, Drawing Suite, Modeling Suite, DXF Layout, STL Slicer, Sculptor, C02 Dragster Jig w/software and large 240 grit sanding mop.