Bird Brain Hummingbird Robotics Classroom Kit, 8-12 Students

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The Hummingbird Robotics Kit allows students to create and program robots, kinetic sculptures and animatronics, built out of a combination of electronic components and crafting materials. A product of the Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab, Hummingbird is designed to inspire and enable creative engineering, robotics, and making activities for ages 13 and up (8 with adult supervision).

Combined with very easy-to-use software environments like Scratch, Snap!, the CREATE Lab Visual Programmer, and Ardublock, Hummingbird provides a great way to introduce kids to robotics and engineering with construction materials that they are already familiar with. At the same time, Hummingbird continues to provide new challenges by allowing programming in the Arduino environment, Python, Java, and Processing, and by supporting Raspberry Pi.

This kit contains all the electronics you need for a class + curriculum, glossary, USB flash bands, and other helpful tools and materials! Just add 8-12 students and craft materials and watch the robots fly!


  • 4 Hummingbird Duo controllers
  • Power supply, USB cable, terminal tool, snap-in stand-offs for each controller
  • 12 single-color LEDs (3 each of red, orange, yellow, green)
  • 8 tri-color LEDs
  • 10 hobby servos and 6 servo extension cables
  • 4 gear motors with wheels and plastic block adapters
  • 4 vibration motors
  • 4 each of light and temperature sensors
  • 2 each of distance, sound and rotary sensors
  • 1 plastic tray organizer