Arduino Explore IoT Starter Kit

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M189915 AKX00027
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Designed for advanced high school and college students, this kit helps them quickly and easily get started building internet-connected devices by following step-by-step tutorials for ten different activities. These activities teach students to write, deploy, and interact with code using a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) and cloud-based dashboards. They will use sensors, automation, protocols, and graphing to collect, analyze, and present data while getting an introduction to network safety and security issues. They'll also learn to control objects remotely using a digital IoT dashboard, called Arduino IoT Cloud, which stores and displays real-time data through an intuitive plug-and-play connection that simplifies their projects. They’ll learn how to use the online code editor, a web server on a microcontroller, CSS, HTML, PIR, moisture, gyro, capacitive touch sensors, and much more.

All the activities adopt a learning-by-doing approach where students acquire knowledge by constructing fully functional solutions including experiments, challenges, and building meaningful applications. With each activity, students gain more tools to design and make their own projects or tweak existing ones. The activities are linked to everyday life, providing students with an invaluable understanding of advanced technology and how it works in the real world.

Kit includes a MKR IoT Carrier, which was specially developed for this kit. The MKR IoT Carrier is an extension of your board and it helps students and teachers focus more on prototyping ideas and programming, and less on wiring and troubleshooting by making it easier to build circuits using plug-and-play connections.

Arduino MKR1010
MKR IoT Carrier
two 24 V relays
SD card holder
5 tactile buttons
plug and play connectors
temperature sensor
humidity sensor
pressure sensor
UV sensor
RGB 1.20" display
Li-Ion rechargeable battery holder

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